Congratulations to Alki's amazing students for another awesome Alki-a-Thon!




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Janice & Ed Kosnoski


Angie Kosnoski


Nicole Eisenhut

Way to go Reese!!

Sue Belcher

Go Brody Go!

Heather Lawless


Meenakshi Ponnusamy

Well Done!

Naveena Ponnusamy

Way to run and support your school, Jordi! 

Dianne Szerlong


John Ford


Daniel Findlay


Maureen Cassidy


Ed/Lois Doyle


Kayla and Chris Anderson

Way to go B!

Jennifer Martinez


Pamela Boyd


Kerry and Stan Bowen


Krista Pankop


Janet Curran

Hope you are running strong today, Nola and Gus!!

Gennell Cordova


Trisha Gilmore


Tara Memmen

Good Luck Patrick!

Jen Butler & Andy Kowalczyk

Let er rip

Devin Kemper


Bryan and Gayle Fiedorczyk

Go, Alice, go!

Kristy Clay


Ingrid Suess-Harkleroad


Rob Carpenter

Go Impulsive Purple!! Ya Alki..

Jeffrey Kent


Chris Briggs


Dan Findlay


Dallas Edwards


Patricia Guyton

Go Archie

Nancy Straub

Go for it, Yola girl!

Ken and Marie Ferraro

Go, B, Go!!!!  Love you, Grandma and Baba

Margaret Anderson

Go B!!!


Go Julian !

LaWana Quayle

Way to go, Portia!  I'm always proud of you.  Love, Auntie

Ron Turpen

Run like the wind!

Gregory Murphy


Brian Findlay


Melinda Lawson

Nana & Papa are cheering you on from Arizona! Love you!

Erica Feldmann


Dominic Laigo


John Bacon


Karen Gibson


Meghan Gildea

Go Patchy Pants!!!

Jason Plourde

Go Alki!

From Roots to Wings Early Childhood Development Center

Good luck on fulfilling all of your goals

Katherine Calamatta


Dominic Tylor Laigo


Tom Harris


Ronald Klug

I thought you were in high school already.  You should be able to do 100 laps.

Nancy Shanks

Go run those laps!  This grandma's grandkids are good runners for their school!  Go runners! 

Mimi and Papa Walker

Go Nola and Gus!

Chad Steen


Wr'near and Sherry Wilcox

Run like the champion you are

Eleanor Brown


Dorothy Gall

You can do it Milo!

Carrie McInelly


Lori Kothe


Ferris Cook


Mark Curran


Jodie Fickett


Shirley Wilcox

Go Daelen, you can do it!

Judy & Dave Sypkens

Run those laps Emma, love Gpa & Juju

Nick Balko


Pap & Gigi Balko

Have fun out there Hila!

Michael Longacre


Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox

Go Daelen Go!

Vincent Brancato


Linda Pankop

Have a fun day, Emma!  Good luck to you and your school.  Love you, Nana & Papa

Susan and Steve Foster

Go, Ezra, go!  We are so proud of you and your effort!

John Vattuone

Run like the wind

Tracy Brigham

Go Brigham/Nisam boys!!

Diana Harris


Denny Vaughan

GO Archie GO

Bonnie Larson

Go Rilyn! Hope you beat your record from last year!

Kisha Vaughan

Go Archie GO!

Matt Ontiveros


Jessica Meeds

We love you Avery!!

John Schuh


Jessica Meeds

Go get em girl!

Victoria Piston


Michael Bess


Victor Chow

Great Job Alki!

Rich and Candy Rooney


Casey Watson

Run, Chicken. Run!

Angela Powell

Go Keaton go!  We love you buddy!!!  Get money$$!

Kelly & Sarah

Way to go, Keaton! We can wait to hang with you at the beach! Kelly & Sarah

Thressa Finney


Brent Bonaci

Go John!!!!

Ashley Morrison


George Fiedorczyk

Go Alice.

Jenna Buckley


Rachel Dowling

Well done Lou xx

Ayako Sakurai


Rebekah Gibson

Go Lamorna! Love Aunty Beckie xxx

Ben Dowling


Kali Jones


Amy Fix


Nanda & JJ Guajardo


Alisa Grubbs

Good Luck Syd!

Kathleen Ryan

GO Sydney!!

Jennifer Sosh

Go Eli and Sam!

Chris Paraghamian


Kourtney Dexter


Donna Trulson


Susan Bialous


Monte Marchetti


Judy Meeds


Virginia Gately


John Power


Carolyn Trulson


Joyce Lehmann


Mike Trulson


Elizabeth Horen


Mike Trulson


Bellevue Rare Coins


Julie Madden


Lourdes Orive


Bree Foster


laetitia rettori


Michal Lehmann


Ashley Morrison


Lynda Sullivan


Akemi Sakaida


West Seattle Pediatric Therapies


Brooke Fitterer


Kylie Kirkland


Amey Nutter


Lindsay Duffy


Viara Stoyanov


Pauline Chardoul Sutter


Barbara Ott


Carrie McInelly


Kali Jones


Amy Dodson


Caitlin O'Connor


Aleta Paraghamian


Robert Yang


FitBody Solutions


Jenna Andersen


Vinod Ponnusamy


Menashe & Sons Jewelers


Lisa Tirnauer


John Schuh


West Seattle Art Nest


Johanna Wrenholt


Mission Cantina


Aumakua Massage Therapy


Susan Gates


Brian Howe


Angie & Ed Kosnoski


Pamela Boyd


Cristina Ryser


Amy Cooper


Kelly Kalkwarf


Jennifer Typpi


Amy May




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